BTK Lecture Series on The Archetype, The Cliché and Other Simplifications

Stereotypes — constructed simplifications that are reinforced and scattered throughout our culture, largely through the mass accumulation of visual, systemic and interactive representations created by the media producers that we, at BTK, are busy building or becoming.
This lecture series takes a critical look at the encyclopedic barrage of subtle (and at times not so subtle) imprints about gender, body, sexuality, identity, race, age, nationality, ability (this list never ends) in our media-driven culture. When left unchecked, this collective flow of ‘pictures’ form the conscious and unconscious biases that lay the foundation for generational, institutional and commercial prejudice, and discrimination.

Sonja Eismann: Missy Magazine

Feminism, Politics, and Pop

30.11.16 at 7pm //

Missy Magazine the feminist magazine about Pop Culture, Politics and Style.We are writing about transfamilies, sexwork, Kathleen Hanna, pussy-vapour bathing (Mösendampfbäder), fat acceptance, computer games, compatibility, Sofia Coppola, asylum and everyday life, The Knife, anal plugs, cats and men, menstruation in horror movies, armpit hair and Lena Dunham. Crafting and cooking are as well topics as queer pornography or organizations, which are campaigning for safe abortion. All this is done with an attitude, which is constantly questioning the status quo with a big grin. Because we are not (yet) living in an equal society. Because there is a lot to discuss and to change. Feminism is over? We don’t think so. That’s why Missy.

The first  issue of Missy Magazine was released on the 20th of October 2008 with an edition of 15.000, which  raised meanwhile to 25.000. Since 2008 Missy Magazine is released 4 times a year.

Sonja Eismann, Co-founder and Co-Editor, editor in chief for the print issues of Missy Magazine Sonja Eismann lworks as a freelance journalist and cultural scientist in Berlin and Vienna. She was co-founder of the magazine NYLONKunstStoff about feminism and Pop-Culture. From 2002-2007 Sonja worked as editor for the Cologne magazine Intro. Her book “Hot Topic. Popfeminismus Heute” was released in 2007. She is currently conducting research into Grrrl Zines and Craftism.Generally speaking she likes discourse, long distance running and small animals with soft fur.

BTK University of Art and Design
Dessauer Str. 3-5, 10963 Berlin

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Six invited lecturers, representing a variety of the BTK disciplines, offer diverse perspectives on stereotypes prevalent in our creative practice, in our educational system and in our professional industry.
All lectures are held in English at the BTK University of Art and Design Berlin Campus, except Till Penzek on 14.12, who will be in German at the BTK Hamburg Campus.


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