BTK Lecture Series on The Archetype, The Cliché and Other Simplifications

Stereotypes — constructed simplifications that are reinforced and scattered throughout our culture, largely through the mass accumulation of visual, systemic and interactive representations created by the media producers that we, at BTK, are busy building or becoming.
This lecture series takes a critical look at the encyclopedic barrage of subtle (and at times not so subtle) imprints about gender, body, sexuality, identity, race, age, nationality, ability (this list never ends) in our media-driven culture. When left unchecked, this collective flow of ‘pictures’ form the conscious and unconscious biases that lay the foundation for generational, institutional and commercial prejudice, and discrimination.

Anja Kaiser: Sexed Realities

To Whom Do I Owe My Body?

16.11.16 at 7pm //

On and off screen, the human body is an inevitable surface upon which sexed realities and their disruption are projected. Bodies are rendered, replicated and accelerated by technology, pop culture, pharmaceutical industries, corporate concepts and culture at large.
»Sexed Realities – To Whom Do I Owe My Body?« unravels the visible and invisible forces underlying the production of bodies, mapping the battlefield of power and pleasure and its effect on the body in normative societies. The notions of the body are broken up into four categories.
Str8 Data Bodies are scanned and detected by technocratic institutions and brands. Risk-free Virtual Bodies are performing computer crossdressing, gender swapping and identity theft.
Smart Corporate Bodies hold on to neoliberal individualism and underpaid wage conditions.
Promised Flexible Bodies have to develop strategies in order to fit into social norms.
Sexed Realities offers a different way of looking at the forces and tensions that shape the perception of human bodies. Through various media this work investigates the existing surfaces of projection, exploring the fate of biological determinism and the limitation of deconstruction.
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Anja Kaiser lives and works in Leipzig. She teaches type and typography as a member of the artistic staff at the Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design Halle, and has worked as a freelance graphic designer since 2011. She works mainly for clients in the (sub-)cultural field. The project »Sexed Realities — To Whom Do I Owe My Body?« started during the Master program at Sandberg Instituut Amsterdam (Masters Gerrit Rietveld Academie) in the design department ‘Think Tank for Visual Strategies’.

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Six invited lecturers, representing a variety of the BTK disciplines, offer diverse perspectives on stereotypes prevalent in our creative practice, in our educational system and in our professional industry.
All lectures are held in English at the BTK University of Art and Design Berlin Campus, except Till Penzek on 14.12, who will be in German at the BTK Hamburg Campus.


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