BTK Lecture Series on The Archetype, The Cliché and Other Simplifications

Stereotypes — constructed simplifications that are reinforced and scattered throughout our culture, largely through the mass accumulation of visual, systemic and interactive representations created by the media producers that we, at BTK, are busy building or becoming.
This lecture series takes a critical look at the encyclopedic barrage of subtle (and at times not so subtle) imprints about gender, body, sexuality, identity, race, age, nationality, ability (this list never ends) in our media-driven culture. When left unchecked, this collective flow of ‘pictures’ form the conscious and unconscious biases that lay the foundation for generational, institutional and commercial prejudice, and discrimination.

Amelia Umuhire: Diversity vs Tokenism

Black Characters Matter

09.11.16 at 7pm // room A 02. 01

The recent calls for more diversity in film, widely known through the hashtag #oscarssowhite are a long overdue reaction to the lack of people of color in mainstream films and the film industry. While POC make up a large portion of international viewers, they are greatly under- and  misrepresented in film. Black people are often kept in the background, behind counters, wearing uniforms and when not directly serving the main protagonist, serving the setting as an urban backdrop.
From the token black guy, the sassy best friend and the likeable black character in need, we will take a look at the prevalent stereotypes in film and how they enable the racist gaze. How can we as creators recognize and dismantle the racist gaze and what are examples for an inclusive and diverse portrayal of black characters in film and tv?

Amelia Umuhire is a filmmaker based in Berlin. She wrote and directed the critically acclaimed web series ‚Polyglot‘ which went on to screen at various international film festivals such as Tribeca Film Festival, Geneva International Film Festival, Portobello Film Festival and won awards for the Best International Web Series and Best German Web Series. Her short film „Mugabo“, shot in Kigali, Rwanda is currently on it’s festival circuit. Amelia Umuhire is also a columnist for Missy Magazine.

Polyglot Ep.2 „Le Mal du Pays“

Polyglot Ep.3 „My Own“

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Six invited lecturers, representing a variety of the BTK disciplines, offer diverse perspectives on stereotypes prevalent in our creative practice, in our educational system and in our professional industry.
All lectures are held in English at the BTK University of Art and Design Berlin Campus, except Till Penzek on 14.12, who will be in German at the BTK Hamburg Campus.


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